Thursday, August 2, 2012

ice painting

I hosted another art group this week and decided to give ice painting a try I saw this idea on Growing a Jeweled Rose and was eager to try. I took her advise and did not add any additional water to the paint as I wanted it to be highly pigmented.
The results: The boys loved it! B had fun squishing the paint between his fingers once it melted a bit, while our friend L was SO excited that he got to have messy hands, look how proud he is!
It was a perfect activity for a warm summer day.


  1. we are going to have to try this!

  2. BRILLIANT!!!!!! Gonna be giving this a try this week! We went to the Delaware Children's Museum a few weeks ago and they had the best idea: noodles. Yep. Plain cooked noodles. With green food dye. Two bowls. Tongs and scoopers. Kept him busy for a while...

    And what a cheap and great activity!! Anyways, I had to try it when we got home and he loved it again! I love your blog! So glad you found me so I could find you!! Great ideas and CUTE boys!

    1. YAY!!! Thank you for stopping by :) Like you I am new to this whole comment world, it's like a mini present every time. I am going to have to try the cooked noodle thing, I think the boys will love it! Totally looking forward to getting to know you and be sure to post about how the ice painting went would love to see it!

      I entered your giveaway! Crossing fingers.