Thursday, August 30, 2012

Family Boat Trip

Willamette Queen
Picture source HERE

my papa was very excited about the trip

Bear and his backup dancers

Grandma love 
bubbie love 

One tired birthday boy
Uncle and Bear
Wearing grandpa's hat

As I mentioned before we had A WHOLE LOT of family come visit for Wolf's first birthday. Most of their trip was mainly helping set up and break down the parties but on Sunday afternoon we had a little time to spend sight seeing. We decided on the Willamette Queen afternoon excursion. And although not totally planned we took the nautical theme one step further. 
We ended up being the only people on the boat. The Captain was kind enough to let the boys steer and blow the whistle (which was a delight to Bear). We spent the next hour and a half  walking in and around the boat chatting and being silly.
I think my favorite memory of the whole event was watching Bear cut a rug with his bubbie and great grandmom. One thing you should know about Husband's family is they LOVE to dance. They can't even contain it if there is a good beat so it was only natural to have three generations dancing up a storm. 
Grandparents shared their time cuddling the littles and I was lucky to have so many people willing to help carry Bear back to the car as our birthday boy was exhausted and spent the last bit of the ride in his Ergo. 


  1. why did this just occur to me... pero dime, hablas espaƱol? :O

    1. Claro que si! I don't write very well but yes I speak it fluently. :)