Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday and featured post


I was featured on this lovely blog today. If you are not familiar with Briantics (Brianne) she is a Southern belle who lives in Jersey. She is a tell it like it is blogger about motherhood and life. When I first found her blog I was literally crying from laughing so hard. You have to have a certain type of sense of humor to laugh off some mishaps with your little ones and Brianne certainly has it and writes about it so well that you can't help but relate.  If you want a good laugh head over to her blog.
Speaking of mishaps. I have to share about some from today. (Mind you it is only 1:30pm as I write this). Nothing gets you excited about Monday than starting your day with finding your toddler has taken off his diaper sometime during the night! It got even better when W woke up on the wrong side of the bed and seems like he has a personal problem with you ( okay I exaggerate, but he is grumpy), or the fact that the filter in my coffee maker flopped and there were ground in my coffee. 
Awe, yes, Monday we all love them, Hoping that the boys are feeling better after their rest and we can start having some fun this afternoon. 

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  1. Girl, I just read this and it made my day. How PRECIOUS! You are so sweet! I just got a new button that actually LOOKS like a button, so if you want to replace my old one, please do! :) And, keep these precious posts a'comin'! I love it!