Saturday, August 18, 2012

Painting Outside

Earlier in the week we took our painting supplies outside. We have a ton of shasta daisies in our front yard that the boys are always curious about so I cut a few off to use as our tools.  

How it played itself out: That lasted about two seconds. W tried to eat one and the texture freaked him out. B likes dipping his flower in the water and attempted a few strokes with it but decided to go with a more traditional tool and use a brush. W mainly enjoyed getting his hands dirty and chewing on the brush handle. That combination resulted in more paint on his face than the paper. B painted for a while and like ALL our other projects he manages to find a truck lying around (some kids have stuffed animals that they take everywhere B has trucks) and started painting it. 

I have to admit that there was a moment of frustrations when I was thinking "this is not what we were SUPPOSE to do".  These little boys have taught me that it is hardly ever going to go as planned. Taking that moment to refocus my intention on the process rather than the result is becoming a trained habit. Learning to let go and have a hands off approach isn't always easy for me but it can be so worth it. 

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