Thursday, August 16, 2012

PVC Pipe Part 2

toddler, pvc, activities

toddler, pvc, games

toddler, pvc, activity

The PVC fun continued this afternoon. While W lost interested and moved on to other things I found B still quietly working on the floor. I realized what he had discovered. (I didn't even think of this) He found that the smaller pre-cut pieces of PVC could fit inside the longer piece. He worked hard to get all of them in. But now how to get them out? I instructed him to pick up the long piece on one side. He was thrilled to see all the pieces falling out on the opposite side. He also got his daily workout as picking up that PVC and dragging it is tough for a toddler.  He continued this game for a good part of the afternoon. I get so giddy when kids discover things that our adult brains sometimes don't think of. I have to admit I was a proud mama.

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