Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yet another lesson for a toddler

little brothers are good for moral support

With all big milestones come frustrations. This is especially true for toddlers. B's main frustration?Diaper changes and getting dressed. While diaper changes are not something that he can do himself, getting dressed is something that he can certainly start working on. This is a little lesson we had a few days ago.

1. We picked out his clothes together and I did sway the conversation to an outfit that was fairly easy to put on (you don't want to set your kid up to fail and give him something like jeans or overalls on their first go) elastic waisted shorts and a loose t shirt it was. 

2.Our first attempt at a t shirt, I had him lay the shirt in front of him and put both arms in, that worked well at first but he couldn't figure out how to lift it over his head while still keeping it on his arms. It was better to have him stick his head in first and find the arm holes. 

3.On to the shorts. I laid them out in front of him and had him slide one leg in at a time. 

4. stand up and wiggle and pull those shorts up!

5. We are still working on getting the shorts over his tooshie :) 

We have been practicing this a little more each day and changing time is little less of a battle and it's a bonus that he is so proud of his new accomplishment

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