Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hey folks remember Christmas?

 ^ ^^^ this photo says "mama I am so exhausted but just had to wake up because the anticipation was too much^^
 ^^ isn't it so cool that Santa gives out healthy treats? Almond butter, crackers, and applesauce.^^

                                                          ^^^ plaid, on plaid, on plaid, cuddles^^^

Oh yes! Nothing like posting a few Christmas photos on the last week of January. From what I remember (you know because it's been so long) we had a wonderful day. Family breakfast, loved ones, a great dinner.  We were all blessed with such incredibly thoughtful gifts, some handmade but everything from our whole family was so meticulously picked that we all felt so loved.

 We read the Christmas story the whole month of December so by the time Christmas day rolled around the boys were excited to celebrate the birth of Christ  It was lovely being able to see them act out and re-tell the story in the most beautifully simple way.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


We've had some gloomy weather these past few weeks, so when we caught sight of some sunlight we instantly packed everyone in the car and headed out. We had no agenda besides spending time outside with one another.
The older two quickly  started running around exploring and for the first time I noticed the eagerness in Hawk's face to do  the same. I am not sure if it's because he's so little in size or because he's the baby but I am more tentative to put him down and let him explore. My fear quickly subsides and joy filled my heart at seeing him pick up sticks and mimic his brothers and toss tiny rocks into the water. His smile and giggles said it all he loved every second of it. I was so glad I was able to set aside my apprehension and take in this great moment.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Apples and Pumpkins

These photos were taken in two separate outings with my MIL and the boys. They both embody autumn so well. The first trip was to a local 'you-pick' apple orchard. Most of the trees had perfect toddler friendly branches that the boys could easily pick apples off of.  The apples were delicious and we were even able to check out some turkeys they had on the farm. The second was to a pumpkin patch that my inlaws found nestled  along a quiet road. We had the patch all to ourselves which was wonderful but we also discovered first hand how prickly pumpkin vines are (ouch!) Like 90% of our outing the boys had a wonderful time both filling their bellies with apples while picking them and also being able to pick out the biggest pumpkin they could carry. And of course because grandparents are involved we left with a few huge pumpkins as well.