Sunday, August 5, 2012


B is a big story teller, full of facial expression. I mean look at this, so funny!

talking (screaming) at each other through the cups 

 This weekend was brought to you by the letter H. H is for HOT as HAITI, HOLY moly it's HOT, and HOW am I going to survive this HEAT. I know I have mentioned that I was born and raised in Southern California but my tolerance level for heat is pretty much non existent. So with that said here is a recap of what our weekend looked like

  • lots of fresh fruit smoothies
  • most of the weekend spent with both kiddie pools filled (we like options) 
  • relatively little wardrobe changes for the boys, unless they were eating or sleeping they were in a bathing suit
  •  a grumpy Wolf that not only was dealing with the heat but his top tooth coming in too
  • B saying the word "hawk" (Bear talk for hot) all weekend
All and all we made the best of it and had some fun in the process, but I must admit that I am longing for fall to come. Remind me I said that when I start complaining about the cold. HA!

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