Friday, March 23, 2012

Ladybug week

We started our first week of "school" with a ladybug theme.
 Day 1 was a quick introduction. We sang the ladybug ladybug nursery rhyme and looked at some pictures online of ladybugs. I quick explanation of the fact that they are red with black circles. And that was that. Pretty easy. Throughout the day I would sing the nursery rhyme to both the boys so that they would become familiar with it.
Day 2. Repeat day one and in addition this was messy art day, and red finger panting was part of the agenda. It was a simple craft. All we did was paint a paper plate red. (Red like a ladybug is what we were focusing on) This surprisingly took a lot of time. Bear was really loving it. I let it run it's full course which lasted about 20 min. I assumed he was done when he attempted to through his plate on the floor. :)

Day 3.  Repeat day one.Now to put the finishing touches on our ladybug. I pre cut six black circles. Three for me and three for him. The main focus here was to learn 1 to 1 correspondence. Meaning the ability to match one item to one number. (1 black circle means 1, 2 black circles means 2 ect.) I would pick up a circle and tell him to put "one" circle on the ladybug. Then pick up two circles and say "put  TWO circles on" then I would have him take some away "take all THREE circles off" and so on. 

This did not go over super easy. At first he was not into it at all. He finally sat back down and followed the instructions but was really only able to grasp the numbers one and two well. Which was a really great start and now I knew where to put more focus from here on out. 

From there we moved on to gluing the same circles on the ladybug. I pre cut and glued on the head myself but let him glue down the rest.
At first I was pre gluing the circles (the one above) but he really liked the idea of putting the glue on himself

Don't forget to cut two antennas

Here is the  finished product. I really tried to be hands off as far as placement of dots and antennas although I did tell him they went on its head.

Once we were done he wanted to continue gluing so I quickly cut a red oval out of construction paper and some black circles to continue the activity

He did a pretty good job gluing if I do say so myself

Day 4 was pretty uneventful as far as the theme went due to this

 Day 5 Okay nature red hunt take two. I asked B if he wanted to go for a walk and he said "no". He always likes going for walks so we got ready anyways and he started getting excited. We walked out with W in the Moby, my camera in hand and his red wagon. We were going to look for red things if it killed me (remember that perfection thing I suffer from again. HA!) Well we made it about a 100ft from the house when B turned back around and headed up the stairs and towards the door. Ummm... I guess he really meant it when he said he wasn't in the mood. 
"mom are you coming? Because I'm going inside there are a ton of trucks I still need to slam into each other"

Well both days of our walks didn't work but we tried and that's what counts..... right? 

Day 5 (cont) after our quick walk to the front of the house it was time for our ladybug snack
I got the idea here and I think it turned out cute despite not having everything needed. 

Two slices of apples, a few raisins and a little almond butter to stick them together and you've got yourself a ladybug :)

B ate it up. The workout from earlier must have really fatigued him . :)

Well that's it our first week of "school" day by day. It was fun and overall pretty easy. I learned a few things along the way that I will be sharing in a later post. I am feeling a lot more confident about my ability to do this and am really looking forward to next weeks theme. Bees

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