Friday, August 31, 2012

Mama Stories at The {Breastfeeding} Initiative

As some of you may know I am in the process of self publishing a children's book about breastfeeding. My partner (Heidi Helser Photography) and I have a blog for this project. The main purpose of this blog is to keep an update on our progress as well as a place to help support mamas through breastfeeding. We know that breastfeeding can often have a very serious tone but it doesn't always have to. We want to support each other and encourage one another.

That is the reason for starting Mama Stories. We would love to hear about your breastfeeding relationship. Something lighthearted and encouraging. Click HERE for the link and more info if you are interested in being a part of our weekly feature.

Music Time *Kids co-op*

cute and peculiar

The Boys Favorite Album I've had it since B was born 

For Wolf's birthday I was pretty stumped as to what to get him. We have some amazing family member that are always very generous to our boys so we really don't NEED anything. Still I am a firm believer that birthdays are a big deal and he still had to get a present. Husband and I took a while to decide on something and finally we decided on instruments. We didn't own any and when I though about it I realized we don't ever do any music play. 
We listen to music often but I have never really made it a planned activity besides my occasional morning time songs that I learned at the preschool.  This avoidance probably comes from my complete lack of musical abilities. Both my brothers are very musical but not me.... it's bad.
So the last couple of afternoons I have really stretched my comfort zone and had music time with the boys. Yesterday it was just us being silly exploring the instruments and me attempting to sing songs to the best of my ability... Guess what, Wolf loved it! He didn't care that I couldn't carry a tune. He shook his shakers, beat his drum and danced along the entire time. Bear was not quite as engaged but came around from time to time to dance and bang on something. 
Today I tried again this time with music in the background and it was a hit for both of them. Bear danced his little heart out and Wolf banged his drum and wood blocks. 
How do you incorporate music with your little ones? I would love to hear some of your ideas. 
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Family Boat Trip

Willamette Queen
Picture source HERE

my papa was very excited about the trip

Bear and his backup dancers

Grandma love 
bubbie love 

One tired birthday boy
Uncle and Bear
Wearing grandpa's hat

As I mentioned before we had A WHOLE LOT of family come visit for Wolf's first birthday. Most of their trip was mainly helping set up and break down the parties but on Sunday afternoon we had a little time to spend sight seeing. We decided on the Willamette Queen afternoon excursion. And although not totally planned we took the nautical theme one step further. 
We ended up being the only people on the boat. The Captain was kind enough to let the boys steer and blow the whistle (which was a delight to Bear). We spent the next hour and a half  walking in and around the boat chatting and being silly.
I think my favorite memory of the whole event was watching Bear cut a rug with his bubbie and great grandmom. One thing you should know about Husband's family is they LOVE to dance. They can't even contain it if there is a good beat so it was only natural to have three generations dancing up a storm. 
Grandparents shared their time cuddling the littles and I was lucky to have so many people willing to help carry Bear back to the car as our birthday boy was exhausted and spent the last bit of the ride in his Ergo. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Have your paint and eat it too *Wee Can Too**

If you follow me on Twitter (@cuteandpeculiar) you know how excited I was to receive our Wee Can Too paint. If you are not familiar with Wee Can Too they are an all natural, vegan, edible paint specifically aimed to babies and toddler. As I have mentioned before W is still very oral and most of his art projects end up in his tummy. I was so thrilled to hear that with Wee Can Too paint that is 100% okay. SWEET! I host an art group at my house from time to time and it is so reassuring to know that I am able to offer such a safe product for even the youngest artist. (once they are eating solids of course). 

I had to try them out the minute we got them. The first product to sample was the Baby Finger Paint.  It calls for equal parts water and paint mixed in a separate container. ( I ended up using more water than this to make the paint more spreadable. The texture is a bit grainy but I was so pleased with the pigment in the paints especially the yellow. Both the boys loved it and I was so excited to not have to worry about W eating it. I was also very surprised by how much paint you get from such a small amount. I used a little less then a tablespoon of each paint color and that was more then enough paint for both the boys. I still have a few products that I received and will let you know how those work out as well.  I can't wait to try them. 

**paint courtesy of Wee Can Too all opinions were my own**

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parents as teachers

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

party highlights {Kids co- op}

I cannot be happier with how the parties tuned out. All the kids seemed to have a great time especially the birthday boy. It doesn't get any better than that. 

The Weekly Kid's Co-op

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sail Away Birthday Decorations

The treat boxes had crayons, watercolors and a kazoo

sand buckets were filled with Swedish fish, Goldfish, and Clementines

balloon pit and newspaper hats

dollar section target boxes and stickers to customize

watercolor station 

Day 2 party the table was set a little different 

W high chair day 2 ready for some cake 

handmade banner made with burlap and hand painted 

So as I was going through all the images of this weekend. Trust me there are a ton! I couldn't pick just a few of  the entire event for just one post without completely bombarding you with pictures. I decided to break it up into two post. One of the decorations and the party plan and the second post about the actual parties.
First off I decided to split the party into two days. The first was 100% kid focused with only two little guests invited for a total of four kids(and parents of course). It was only scheduled an hour long and early in the day before the kids afternoon nap. As I have mentioned before I like to keep the guest list small for young parties as I like to be able to do a little extra and have a little more focused play time.
The original plan was to have a water play party since it was nautical themed but the morning ended up being a bit chilly so I decided to do a balloon pool pit instead. I also got the idea from my MIL to set up a watercolor station. I served a light snack of goldfish crackers, sliced apples and peanut butter and clementines. It was a total success as all the kids loved both activities and  also enjoyed running around in the backyard chasing each other.
The second party was the family party. Although we had the same activities set up for the little ones this party was more focused on all  the adults getting together and passing W around and swooning over him (both set of grandparents were here, there was a LOT of swooning) we BBQ'd and actually cut a cake and sang happy birthday at this one.  W was so thrilled to have so much attention and as a parent I think there is little that can make you happier then seeing how much your little ones are loved by so many. Such a blessing to see so many people travel so far to celebrate with us.

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