Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our first REAL hiking trip

Last week husband and I finally went on a real hiking trip. It was Dog Mountain which in on the Washington side of the Gorge. It was quite a workout and a whole lot more intense than we anticipated. (remember we are new at this) after what seems like forever going uphill we finally reached the summit only to reveal the most beautiful scenery that I have ever seen. All the pain seemed worth it to be able to have lunch on top of the world. Incredible.

Wow who knew I would ever be into hiking or anything that possibly involved me having to get my hair a bit out of place. HA More pics soon

Monday, April 20, 2009

I <3 <3 <3 Magnolia Trees

Husband and I have taken up hiking lately I mean we live in Oregon for goodness sake what better place to start. Well today we went on a hike at the Hoyt Arboretum and came across the best trail. The magnolia trail, through most of it there are Magnolia Trees (how obvious) Well I have never seen these type of trees before the are so lovely!!!!

Look how big the flowers get I made husband put hand there to show the size of these pretty things.
More flowers

Here I am posing next to the pretty daffodils. Don't I look wildernessy? I'm like a pro. HA!

One last picture. I enjoyed this day oh so much the weather was amazing!!!

Does anyone else want to be a Fafinette?...

Well I do. Not just a pretend dress up fafinette but if they really excited.. you know it would be like a way cooler version of being a fairy. :D I mean who doesn't want a to have a pet lamb that use to be a pirate and that's why he has a peg leg ( She made up that story not me) or wear heart shaped blush. 
But putting fantasy aside Fafi really is one of my favorite artist. I think that she is so talented and I think that her characters capture a certain something. They are girly, tough, sexy and a little innocent all at the same time. I think it's what every girl would like to be :) Well I hope she inspires you as much as she inspires me. xoxo

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Feliz Cumpleanos

The worlds best dad is having a birthday today!!!! He is so amazingly great and loving and well like I said the worlds best dad :D I don't know what else to say except that I love him so much and I am so blessed to have him as a father.  He has done so much for our family and has worked so hard for us to have a better life.. i guess that's what it means to be a true parent. Okay before I start getting teary eyed. I love you daddy. Que Dios lo bendiga.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can't sleep

I am missing husband so much tonight. He is at his uncles house helping him with odd jobs around his house and had to spend the night there *so sad* I don't even know what to do. I know that sounds helpless but geez I am such a baby and every little noise is scaring me. I keep thinking "this will be the night someone breaks in" (p.s. I live on the third floor of my building so the likeliness of that really happening is actually pretty unlikely... but still you just never know)
I suppose I'll try to watch some t.v. to try to fall asleep (I've gotten out of that habit since I got married) but that use to work so I wouldn't let my imagination get the best of me.
Goodnight I hope I get some sleep. At least I get to pick him up tomorrow afternoon.

P.S. i swear I just heard something in the kitchen.... this is gonna be a long night

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Hello everyone I hope you all are having a great Easter Sunday. As for husband and I it was an amazing time with our friends. we had such a tasty Easter supper. Now we are back at home relaxing and enjoying our time alone. I just wanted to stop by and say a quick hello on this Holy day. God bless.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Birthday Brother

Top 5 Reasons why I think my brother is the coolest
1. He is a great singer and will always get on stage (especially at Mariachi restaurant.. our fav)
2. He knows all the words to La Bamba the movie
3. He taught me how to climb a fence when I was little
4. He might have the cutest family ever.!!!!
5.He makes the best salsa... well maybe second best after me :)

We hope you had a great birthday Brother. God bless you. We love you.
Leslie and Cody

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

too short...

Not the rapper,Me. Check out my attempt at taking a picture of husband and I while we were standing up. Can you believe he was actually willing to look at the camera? Sometimes I feel like such a pip squeak.

Ahh That's better. He even was nice enough to take the picture himself after he saw me struggling, LOL He even managed to work up a smile.

On our way back home from grocery shopping we took the long way home through Washington Park.

The flower that husband picked for me when we stopped at one of the look outs. Have I mentioned how sappy we've been lately<3All and all a great day off.

i'm loving spring

We have been graced by the presence of the sun. The last two days have been the best weather we have had in a while. The street were so crowded with people as if we just woke up from hibernation. As always I had to work both days but I was able to sneak a little picnic at the Rose Garden with husband during my lunch break.

I have never seen so many cherry blossoms until I moved here. I love pink trees.
I've never really seen so many daffodils either... come to think about it I haven't experienced seasons before this whole flowers blooming everywhere thing is new and so exciting.
Okay I leave you with a picture of husband driving me back to work. FYI husband hates taking pictures that;s why you'll see so many car pictures he can't get away from the camera if he's driving :D He's so handsome... I love him so much.

Enough sappy stuff off to bed. Hopefully we will be on a 3 day streak of 70 degree weather. Goodnight.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Funny Story

So today I got the funniest backwards compliment in a long time. A very soft spoken women came up to me today at work... This was the dialogue that went on

Women: you have very pretty hair
Me: Thank you (smiling, I thought I was kind of having a good hair day)
Women: Is it yours?
Me: (puzzled expression) is my hair real?...
(she nods)
Me: (now a little shocked) Yes!!!

I finished what I was doing and walked away. I didn't know whether to me honored or insulted. Either way I couldn't stop laughing about it!!!!