Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bear's Birthday Part 2 : 1,2,3 to the zoo

The Plan: Being that a straight train  ride was out of the question this birthday we settled for the next best thing. The train ride at the zoo. It's about a 30 minute ride which I though would fulfill this boys need for a train ride. When we decided to go to the zoo my first idea was 1,2,3 to the Zoo by Eric Carle. Animals and trains combined in one perfect package. I Spoke to my MIL  and she mentioned doing a toddler friendly scavenger hunt where they identify a few animals and get treats along the way. BRILLIANT! Here is my interpretation of that.  

1. I looked up the type of animals that were at the Oregon zoo that matched the animals in the book. I printed pictures of these animal (polar bear, lorikeet, asian elephant) and lastly the picture of the train that we would we riding at the end. **confession** I forgot these at home but I bought postcard at the zoo gift shop that worked just as good. These would be the 1,2,3, animals that we were on the look out for. 

2. The gift bags: Each time we would find the animal I planned to give them a goodie bag. I wanted easy things and since it was just B and one friend my budget was a bit more than  if a had a party of 5+ kids. (also a MIL tip I like, only invite the amount of kids of the age your child is turning it makes things a bit easier *ex. if they are turning 4 I would have no more than 4 kids including the birthday boy at the party.) 
The gift bags were no more than sandwich bags with sticker of trains amd animals that I combined to look like the animals were riding the train. 

The first bag had a few snacks. We went to the zoo right after nap I knew that if we didn't feed them this would not be a happy trip (not pictured a water bottle) .

The second bag was a Little People elephant. 

The third bag had a few stickers and a Thomas whistle (not pictures a train conductor hat for our friend) B has one that is a staple in his wardrobe :)

 There were two baby sibling along for the ride and I wanted to give them something too. An organic baby food pouch, a baggie  of puffs and a stroller book was their treat 

 Lastly when we got on the train they were given a larger gift bag to put their loot in as well as a copy of 1, 2, 3 to the Zoo
 for our guest and Thomas and the Hide and Seek Animals (Thomas & Friends)
 for B.

3. How it played out. It could not have been a better day. We didn't make it to see the elephants so we combined one of the bags but other than that the kids were so thrilled each time they "found" the bags (husband would walk ahead of us and conveniently place them in front of where we were heading.

B finding his first prize in front of the polar bear tank

Looking at the monkeys where our second prize was hidden ( a switch up from the lorikeets since I didn't find a postcard of them)
Lastly the train ride was the highlight of the event for our birthday boy! He even sat in a seat in front of us all by himself most of the trip. He sure is growing up fast! He imitated the noises and laughed every time the whistle would blow. I could not be more happy with the results and judging by that big smile I think he was too. 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Bear Birthday part 1

 The night before B's birthday is I decided to do the ever present on Pinterest  decorate the doorway idea. And I am so excited I did because  boy was he so excited about it. If I had just stopped there it would have been enough. It took him a few tries walking through it to realize that punching, pushing and pulling balloon was super fun but when he did those balloons didn't have a chance. Even little brother got in on the action. 
Birthday morning would not be complete without his favorite breakfast. Eggs, homemade waffles and the biggest helping of strawberries and rasberries he has ever seen. Since there was no cake on the agenda he blew out his waffle candle.  Then on to presents. He "read" his birthday card first like a polite little boy. (it helped that it had a Tonka truck on it and stickers) Then he opened his gift. His very own dump truck! He was so thrilled. We spent the rest of the morning with husband slightly weepy eyed gawking at our children adoringly and wondering where this time has gone. While the boys played until their nap time. They needed a lot of rest for our next birthday adventure. Just when B thought he couldn't get it any better. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sweet Bear

Dear Bear,
Thank you so much for being such an amazing little person that has taught me so much. Has allowed me to fulfill one of my biggest dreams, to be a mama. You are beautiful and so full of life and sweetness. You make everyday so special. I cannot believe that it has been two years since the Lord blessed our lives with your presence. I can still remember the first moment I got to hold you. And now you are so much bigger I realized that tonight when I went in for one last hug and kiss from my one year old little baby only to wake up tomorrow to by two year old spunky boy. I love you and papi loves you and always remember that God does and will always love you even more than we can measure. I love you Little Bear.

Monday, June 25, 2012

1,2,3, to the zoo

We had a bit of a last minute change of plans for B's second birthday since it seems that the first idea is a bust. But we promised  him a "choo choo"and  that is just what he is going to get. Lucky for us the zoo has a pretty awesome train ride. And lucky for me who just loves book themed birthdays Eric Carle has just the book to combine a zoo trip and a train ride. I am slightly relived that I only have a week to plan this. I may have gone a bit over board otherwise. I am so excited!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

bits of life

 It's been a while since I made a bits of life post (idea taken by one of my favorite blogs). Here is our life lately.
1. This little Wolf is standing and cruising on everything.
2. Dinner table fort with some books
3. the sky looking pretty magical.
4. B's new toy. (not really) but he thinks it's pretty fun to climb in all by himself and pretend it's a car
5. Pretend food and tupperware is stored in the same place in the kitchen. He likes to "help" when I am cooking dinner.
Have a great weekend

Friday, June 22, 2012


We had a concert in the backyard featuring music by one of the best local performers around. So local we actually live in the same house as him. His number one fan was in the front row. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Run for Compassion 5k


Can you spy someone reading during his ride? 

Last weekend I did something I NEVER thought I would ever do. I walked my first 5k. The Run for Compassion 5k.  Yes I said my first because I don't think it will be my last. I had a great time. I met the race director Crystal Kupper at my local MOPS group. I was a bit of a skeptic when she first asked me to sign up. Me and my two boys, walking what I thought felt like an eternity!? Not my idea of a fun Saturday morning. I don't even own a jogging stroller? Crystal was gracious enough to offer he own.  A BOB double stroller, from what I hear these are like the Cadillac of jogging strollers. I may have only run the race to try it out, or maybe it was the super amazing cause or maybe just to prove to myself that I could. 
Well despite my cold feet that morning attempting to find any excuse to not go. (The boys were exceptionally easy to get out the door that morning) I mustered up some courage and went. I am so glad I did! It was such a great experience. The boys had a great time and so did I. It was a big turnout which made the event that much more exciting. We walked talked and soaked up the sun and when it was all said and done I kind of wanted more. I can definitely see myself doing this again. I may be already be scoping out craigslist to find a jogging stroller of my very own. Wow! How did that even happen. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

our first garden

pointing to a sunflower

Who's idea was it to plant here? Oh yeah, mine. Better get to work. 

Bear hard at work

I am no expert but I think the soil goes in the garden not on the grass. 

Fingers crossed these little things grow


Showing off those dirty, hardworking hands 
Recently my MIL has sent  both the boys and myself a few gardening books as well as a few tools for the boys. I have mentioned before  that I was wanting to start a garden but have been a little intimidated by the whole process. Well I finally decided to put some seeds in the dirt. B and I planted our first sunflowers. First we read his book "How a seed Grows" so he would get an idea of what we would be doing,  There is a a small flower bed on the side of our back house. I thought this was the perfect spot.... Then I realized I had to weed it first. HAHA! My arm got a workout that day. Once I dug out all the weeds and added some new soil we were in business. Although I think I lost B when he started transporting dirt from one side of the yard
to next. So I planted my seeds and we watered them.

I think that's all there is to it right? It seems easy enough but who knows if they will grow. I really hope they do! But either way we had a fun afternoon and I made a memory with my sweet Bear.