Sunday, August 23, 2009

Today I....

*ran the whole way to work because I over slept
*only worked for 4 hours
*had a giant cup of coffee but still was able to fall asleep when I got home
*saw a ladybug walking on the sidewalk
*still made it home in time to cuddle with husband before he went to work
*am so tired and so bored I don't know which side to listen to
*have a huge TO DO list.... but might not get to too much
*am missing my family and friends a lot
*wish that husband could have stayed home with me

Today I know that even when I am feeling so exhausted and a little down there are still reasons to smile.
Thank you husband and ladybug for making me smile today.

Photo via flickr

Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm sorry it's been so long!!!!

Well I'm finally back!!! The Internet has been down for a while. Well at least the wireless which means no internet on my computer but husband was still able to play WOW all he wanted. Hmm.. does anyone else see a problem with that? HA
Well he has definitely made it up to me. He got me these sunglasses yesterday as 1. an early b day present (it's not until October) and 2. A get out of jail free card for cleaning for the next couple of weeks. I think it was worth it.

I wasn't always a big fan of Juicy but lately I think they have stepped up there game especially in the ad department. They are just so cute and whimsical. Now all i can think about is pink everything and big satin bows in my hair. Oh shoot advertisement does work!!!!>

On another note after a super yummy homemade dinner I made tonight husband went to get us a dessert and came back with lava cake and this!!!! He is oh so sweet. SEE!!!!, how can I complain about no cleaning when he does things like this all the time? Tough one. HA Well I guess I'lll let him slide for no internet for like a month. You'll be seeing me a lot more now.