Monday, September 28, 2009


So I did it!!! I have officially gone on my first real "roughing it" camping trip, and you know what..... I didn't hate it. I actually loved it. I loved the fact that there was no timeline for anything, no clock to watch and absolutely no expectation for the day. All I had on the agenda was spend time with husband and look around at what God has created for us. It was magical!

This was the little creek that ran just a little ways away from our site. We could actually hear it at night while falling asleep. (confession- falling asleep in the woods did scare me a little... a lot.. okay maybe i was petrified but i still loved it)

Our tent

Just across the road in front of us was a meadow. It was so amazing at night husband and I were able to look at the stars from there.

Check out the coolest mushroom growth that we found on a tree during one of our hikes. It looks like a city for tiny fairies or something.

Real men cook in the woods. Husband and I got the best little camping stove that helped us prepare yummy camping food. (confession #2 I bought a light weight french press so I was able to have coffee the whole time we were there, something I absolutely can't function without! Is it still "roughing it" if I can have coffee and the new issue of Glamour at hand?)

And lastly the killer view we got of Mt Hood as we drove out of our camp ground. Good bye for now nature. I miss you already. Is it normal to be this sad to be back indoors? I really think this little trip sparked something in me that I didn't know I was missing. More than anything is the feeling of being so small in this majestic world that the Lord has given us.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Feeling a bit like Enid today

So maybe my best friend and I were compared to these two more than once. Maybe I did have a bob and wear little boy t-shirts with skirts (mine was star wars)in high school. But although the obssesion with childrens clothing is gone and my hair has long since grown out there will always be my love for Ghost World. (and secretly my crush on Steve Buscemi) Plus 1960 Bollywood films can you get any better than that? My heart skips a beat the the white suits. skinny ties and the girl with the big hair and gold dress... I really can't tell you how happy it makes me.

hello there

Big Hair, originally uploaded by cuteandpeculiar.

If it isn't big hair then it's big shoes. I think I like to make up for my small stature. HA