Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer time

Despite the very low tolerance to heat especially at 28 weeks pregnant. I am really trying to enjoy the summer and really soak up at much time with this little guys as I can before my time will be divided with the new baby. I was struggling with the idea of having to say Elliott was the "big brother and the big boy" now that there is a new brother on the way especially because he will only be 15 months old when the baby is born. But I read Rubyellen's post on calling her youngest baby and the newborn baby baby and I thought that was perfect! It really brought me a lot of peace to not have him grow up so fast.

Back to the summer. We have been enjoying going to the park where we discovered that Bear loves the swing and going down the slide. He is enjoying eating dinner outside and pointing to the birds flying by. And is really loving going for walks before breakfast.

Like I said at the beginning I really dislike heat but it has been so much fun being able to see this baby Bear explore more of his world and really loving it! Here's to some "pleasantly warm" (positive thinking) summer days.

Happy Birthday America

Okay so I know I'm a few days late with the whole posting of the 4th of July but "hey I'm trying" We decided to not to go anywhere and just keep it easy and stay home with the family. We had a BBQ and then the boys lit fireworks until their hearts content. Our across the street neighbors were out of town so my mother in law decided to pull up a seat on their driveway and take be a spectator. It was so much fun we had all the fun of the fireworks without the yuckiness of the smoke. To make the show even better one of the neighbors had mortars so we even got a real firework show in our backyard. Although I wish Elliott would have seen some of this it was way past his bedtime and I would rather have a sleepy baby than a super cranky baby that would not have enjoyed himself. There is always next year.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Someone is one!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it? This little guy is already one year old. These are pictures of his actual birthday. He had two birthday parties I will be posting those pictures soon. But this was just a simple little treat (also his first real sugary treat) with just mami and papi. I went to a local bakery and bought this cute little cupcake just for him.

This is him at first just trying the icing. It took him a while to even do that. He is a very cautious boy so he really has to study something before digging in. I broke the bottom of the cake off so he would get the idea of eating it. At that point he seemed to start liking it.
And it's a hit!!!! once he realized that that big mountain of blue frosting was edible he was sold. Look at those eyes. Considering that the only sugar he had ever had came from fruit this was a real treat. Don't get use to it buddy :)

It's so weird it feels like this month has been such a huge milestone for him. Not just because of his birthday but things are just clicking. He has started...

-cruising on furniture. Although not thrilled about the idea of falling on his bottom to get down. He uses the scream for mama technique more. Resisting trying to pick him up all the time.
-talking (baby talk) a lot more. This kid wakes up telling a story. I think it runs in the family. We are all chatter boxes
-says "moo" when he sees a cow
-gives kisses when you say "besito"
-points to head when you say "la cabeza"

It has been so awesome seeing this baby grow. I am soooo in love with him. And I can't wait for his baby brother to meet him. With all this birthday planning out of the way I feel like I can just enjoy being a mama and being pregnant. *sigh* life all in all has been good.