Monday, May 16, 2011

Planning a little Bears Birthday

That's right I cannot believe that it was almost one year ago that I was being rushed to the hospital thinking I was going to deliver this baby in the car. (let's hear it for Bradley Birth) It was the most amazing experience and I in a weird way enjoyed it. And of course the end result just makes all the pain so worth it. This Baby Bear (as my two year old class has endearingly named him) has turned my life upside down and made me love the little things about life all over again. I mean who knew that you would be cheering your heart out at two syllable words "maaa maaa, paa, paa" But these little things are what make this job so rewarding and literally melt your heart.

With all that said obviously a birthday party is at hand and I have a few ideas for a fun little party just right for my little bear.
I think this book will be the inspiration

I couldn't think of a better more festive books that combined the two things i wanted. A bear theme and his love for books. I am gathering a few inspirations picturing a country picnic type party. Red checkred table cloths, mason jars, daisies. I will try to remember to post some images that I have collected to inspire this theme. Let's see how it turns out.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

swimming Bear

We signed Elli up for swim lessons as he seems to love water. ( I know, I know every mom says that... but it's true) He seemed to like it okay despite the 65 degree non California weather that surprised us this morning. But he was a trooper and looked like he was having fun towards the end.
This little guy is 10 and half months old and I am in shock at how fast the time has gone. I mean he is almost A YEAR OLD!!!!!! WHAT??????

It's the day before my first official mothers day and I cannot believe how blessed I am to have this baby boy in my life. It's weird I know people always say that kids change your whole perspective on life. I always thought it was pretty mellow dramatic... but you know what? It's true. I am a better person because of him and know the true meaning of unconditional love and putting someone else' need before you. AT ALL TIMES by the way :) And now with a new little boy on the way only God knows what lessons I am going to learn with him. All I know is that I am so lucky to be a mother and a daughter of a mother who always showed me what it was to sacrifice for your children and love every minute of it.

Happy Mothers Day