Sunday, March 30, 2014

First week of spring

 ^^^ Out of focus but I love his cool guy slouch here^^^ 

So far this spring has not let us down. A few showers and some high winds on occasion but the weather is quickly getting warmer and the wild flowers are blooming. And while I miss Oregon's cherry blossom goodness I am so pleased to find out that there are a lot of plum blossoms around here including in my own front yard. At the end all I really care about is seeing pink trees. We are looking forward to longer nights, more beautiful sunsets and lots of days spent outdoors.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Explore your town

A few weeks ago the boys and I got together with some new friends and went on a nature walk at a local wildlife refuge The visitors center had a few photo scavenger hunts  that  you can do while on the trail. The boys brought their own camera's and we went on a hunt. We didn't have much luck finding anything on the list but below are a few of my favorite photos the boys took on their toy cameras. I have to admit it makes me really happy to see them take a liking to something I love to do as well. 

 Even though we live in a place that may feel small there are so many things and places to explore. Here are a few tips on how to be a tourist of your own town.

  • Find a local park of wildlife refuge- Ask them if they have any special events (many have story times and activities for young children)
  • Most cities have at least a few walking trails that are paved, stroller friendly and great for everyone (make a check list and walk every one of them this spring and summer)  
  • Go to the library- Besides book and story times most libraries have special activities. Our local branch does a young scientist activity a few times a month
  • Check the local business' and see what they have. We have a local yarn, and sustainable arts store that does workshops and events for everyone in the family. In fact they just had a demo on how to sheer an angora rabbit and had a few rabbit kits you could visit. Even though I may not spin my own yard it's something new and fun to watch. 
  • Check local theaters: This is one we have yet to do but check for high school theaters or college etc. and see if they have any kid friendly shows you can watch for a reasonable price (bonus: matinee is always cheaper) 
  • Take tours of your local fire station, police station and post office. This can require a little planning and getting a group together but they are always so fun.
  • buy or check out a book about local plant life and go on a nature walk and try to identify all the plants 
  • Do the same with local birds
  • Check for your cities museum. Most cities no matter how small typically have a small museum about their history. It's always fun to see how and who established the place you live
I hope these tips will keep you and your family busy this spring and really get to know your town. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

around the block

It's funny how bringing out old toys that have been stored away for a while can sometimes be so exciting when brought back out. We brought these blocks out one lazy afternoon and it quickly became all their favorite toys. Giggles, pretending and only a little fighting could be heard from our house that afternoon.  I can't believe that Baby Hawk is getting so big and wanting in on the fun already. Oh these boys are growing much too quickly.

Monday, March 3, 2014

a day at the zoo

On one of our last days in California my in laws and brother in law all took us out to a fun day at the small local zoo. It rest inside a bigger state park where you can rent family bikes, take a small train ride and have a picnic lunch. We decided to play major tourist and do all of the above. The zoo was small and adorable, the train ride was fun. The family bike rental was.... (cracking up as I type) a memory I hope to never forget. picture this, three adults, two toddlers , semi hilly park in a big very heavy bike. As we hit the last hill before arriving at our destination we were pumping those pedals as fast as our weak legs could go up a hill (picture pathetically slow) I'm laughing in the back like a crazy hyena, my mother in law is playing coach encouraging us to keep going all while Bear is yelling "faster, faster!!! Seriously it was that funny.

This will definitely go down as a story we will keep retelling and laughing at for a while.