Friday, May 15, 2015

House Tour Part 1

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As I mentioned in the last post there is HUGE news, we purchased a home. I don't really know where to begin this story as it's like all our other life decisions it came out of left field a bit and 100% from God. Long story short a mortgage is WAY cheaper than rent (for more sq. footage woohoo) and after doing some research and a lot of prayer we put one foot in front of the other and started the process of looking for a home. Half expecting to have doors closed in our face while laughing at us. Two self employed people aren't exactly the best candidate for loans, but if there is anything I have learned is if God has a plan nothings going to stop it.

We looked at a few homes and a few doors were closed. When I saw the listing for his home I quickly emailed our realtor at midnight right when it was listed. The next day as I was showing husband the listing our realtor called, at the exact moment I answered husband proclaimed "this is our home" . Our realtor insisted we take a tour of a home that fit the bill right then. Guess what house he was standing in? The same home. The house was on the market for half a day we were the only people to take a  tour and they accepted our first offer.  With the blessings and prayers of our family we just kept walking  taking the next step and before we knew it we were sitting in a room signing our closing papers and being handed the keys to our very own home.

We've been here for about a month and we are loving it. The boys room still needs a coat of paint. The whole house did. Before we moved in the home was half ox blood red, half tan, The boys room was lilac with grey sponge paint. The sun room still has pink ceilings and tan walls. But we were blessed that paint was the biggest problem considering the house was built in 1920. The photos above are of the sun room, living a dining area as well as our bedroom which opens up to the living room. It's been so fun dreaming about making this our home, what we can change. how we can decorate. I can't wait to finish up the rest of the rooms and share pictures.