Thursday, July 4, 2013


 Three favorites from the 52 week challenge 

 Bear: 9/52 Dirty knees and sunshine. Spring had just begun and Bear took full advantage
          21/52 I can't always capture just how silly his personality is but this one captured it just right
          24/52 full of curiosity and he is always in his element when in nature.

Wolf: 8/52 first time playing in the snow such a great memory of this trip
          9/52 again the first week of spring in Oregon is magical and those shifty eyes of his convey his                      
                  adventures side so perfectly
           21/52 that curiosity of his is just too much

We are halfway through the 52 week challenge and more surprising is it marks the halfway point of this year. It's so strange and perfect that I started this challenge the year we have had the most change, transition, and overall craziness. It has allowed me to take a moment and take in those sweet moment with my boys between the chaos and find beauty in it. Having to relearn each day to take all that is good. I am so happy to have these images to document the amazing blessings in my life.

                                                       **linking to Jodi's 52 week challenge**

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