Monday, July 15, 2013

It's a Boy!!!!!

His arrival was just as big of a surprise as his gender. After a very hard to accept emergency C-section this baby made his arrival at 34 weeks. It was hard, heartbreaking, and scary but I am so thankful to say he is here and healthy. And I am now a proud mama of three boys. 
Things have been long and overwhelming. He is still in the NICU and we are anxiously waiting for him to get a hang of the whole eating thing before he gets released. Life has been a giant balancing act between spending time in the hospital while still trying to sneak in some cuddles for my older boys. No matter where I am I feel like I am missing something. There is just no easy decision  these days. 

I am thankful for a loving and amazing family that all came together and came ready to wipe tears, give extra hugs and overall take care of all of us during this time. My MIL has been amazing and I am so thankful that she is sticking around for a while to help. 

Maybe one day I will share my birth story as I have with the other two boy. One day when we are all together under one roof  and I am able to contain the tears enough to see my screen. For now I am holding on to the fact that he is healthy and will be home soon and we will all be together again. 

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