Saturday, July 6, 2013

Outdoor Body Painting

We have been playing outside a lot lately and like most all things there are times when you need to switch it up. Thanks to a very large piece of butcher paper that came stuffed in one of our packages in the mail I got the idea of painting outside. Initially body painting was not the plan but as so many things with children their ideas are always outside the box and letting them explore things organically and coming up with a different uses is always half the fun.

What I set up:

  1. a large piece of butcher paper
  2. a few colors of finger paints (make sure they are washable before getting started) 
  3. two buckets with a small amount of water
  4. paint brushes
I didn't give them much instruction but rather let them explore. They apprehensively started painting on their toes after a few marks on the paper.Once I followed what they were thinking  I made sure they knew I was 100% okay with that idea (today). That was all they needed to run free. Bellies, faces, hands and toes were all slathered in paint by the end and ironically very little ever made it to the paper.

The best part was the cleaning. I filled up their water table and had them clean both themselves and theirs tools. Not only was this a fun activity but they also got to be a part of the cleaning process which made them twice as proud. I really cannot explain how much joy I have to see these little ones explore art in different ways.

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  1. This is just great! The hooligans always get paint on themselves as a RESULT of the activity we're doing, but I've never thought to MAKE it the activity! We'll definitely try this on a warm day when they return in the fall. Thanks for linking up with us!