Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Desert

We spent the majority of our road trip in the desert. The landscape was big skies, random plant life that poked through cracked and brittle dirt and distant mountains that seemed to go on forever. It seemed  that no matter how many miles we drove or states we went through very little changed.

There is a certain beauty in that landscape. I appreciated it most during dusk or dawn when the sun is barely poking out from  behind the hills (mainly because mid day I wanted to die under that heat) or at night when stars seemed closer and the moon was so bright you could read under its light.

I bring all this up because I need to remind myself that there is beauty in everything, even when things seem rough. Life as taken some unexpected turns in the last few days and I am not sure what lies ahead. But through this rough terrain there is still things worth appreciating.

  • I have an awesome husband 
  • I have two wonderful boys and one little surprise nugget on the way. 
  • we have family that love and support us. 
I am not sure what's in store or how many more miles of the same scenery we will be in. But I need to remember that these times won't last forever and while I am here I might as well appreciate what I do have.

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