Thursday, November 15, 2012

Exploring the five sense - SIGHT

Believe it or not these pictures were taken  at 5:30pm. Thank you daylight savings and Pacific Northwest for making it feel like my bedtime is at 4pm. I regress, when we first found the book I'm Not Scared!  at the library I was smitten. I knew I wanted to incorporate it in our lesson and Bear took a liking to it instantly. 
It was the perfect time to teach about sight. We have been talking about owls and how they are able to see really well in the dark. We went outside and at first we didn't have our flashlights on. I asked Bear if he was able to see and read the book. Then we turned on our flashlights and talked about how our eyes need light to see. We read our book and then I let them explorer the backyard with their flashlights. 
I have to admit that I felt a little like the crazy neighbor that let's their toddlers run around in the dark (well I guess that is exactly what I did). I mean I just moved in, I may be showing my crazy mama seams a little too soon. I suppose they might as well know upfront. That way they won't be surprised when they see my kids in a mud pool next summer. 

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  1. Had to laugh when I read your comment about DST. It's 4:30 here now & I was just thinking about going for a quick nap so that I can stay up past 7 o'clock tonight LOL.

    1. it's killing me!!! More so the fact that it gets dark so early, it messes with my brain.