Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Exploring the five sense - Touch

Despite my lack of blogging we are still here, and still continuing with our five senses activities. To read about our first one you can click HERE. This activity is super easy and can be done with items around the house. 
I gathered together a few scraps of fabrics from old projects.  I looked for fabrics with different types of textures. Here is what I used and the words I used to describe them to Bear. 

  1. faux fur (soft, furry)
  2. felt (smooth) 
  3. burlap (rough, scratchy)
  4. feather, not a  fabric but since we have been talking about owls and birds it was perfect (fluffy, soft)
  5. minky fabric (bumpy)
  6. PUL (slick,smooth) 
I would hand him each fabric one at a time and ask him what he thought it felt like.  He used words like soft and fluffy on his own. I would describe the rest of the items to him having him touch them  as we went along. He loved rubbing  the items against his cheek, until he got to the burlap. 

This was a quick and easy project with not a lot of set up or clean up required, but it helps introduce textures and build on your little ones already growing vocabulary. 

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