Friday, October 12, 2012

On Reality

Well life is in full swing and as I post these pictures I am neck deep in clothing that still needs to be packed. Crossing my fingers that the boys take an extra long nap and have no clue what to make for dinner. 

Isn't the internet deceiving at times? I mean I want to be that mom in the pictures above right now I also want to be the mom I was last week when I posted all those fun projects I did with the boys. 
This week I am far, far from that mom. I am the mom with a bun in her hair, no makeup, quick to anger and running through the motions of my days praying that there will be no major issues and tears (from any of us). 
These are the moment  as a mother you question yourself and your worth as a mother. "Am I a good mom"? How many times do you ask yourself that in a day, in a lifetime. I am sure everyone of us has thought it at times. 
These are the moments you have to stand on truth and not emotion. Stick to just the facts. The fact is that I love my boys with every ounce of my body. I enjoy being their mama and I love to teach them and do fun things with them. Another unfortunate fact is that I don't do well in transition and I fluster too easily. And you know what I am teaching my kids that I am not perfect and that despite that God still loves them and me. I am teaching them that even grownups make mistakes and that WE (adults) are not too proud to apologize and admit them. 
I am teaching them that we are always a family and we will get through this little hiccup together. I am remembering that this is only a micro second in the scheme of life and the grumpy mommy I was yesterday is NOT the real me all the time.  I am teaching myself to laugh at life.  I had a sense of humor once I promise... I think it's packed away in a box in the garage with all our belongings :) 

*sorry for the mushy talk, I still have to wrap up out Pumpkin Week but I might be a little late to post and less frequent in the next few weeks* 

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