Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Leaf Headbands

Woohoo! Day 2 of Pumpkin Fun is behind us and this one was a blast! Although I must admit that there were actually no pumpkins in this one. Our focus was positional and opposite words. IN, OUT, UP, DOWN. 

First on the agenda was our reading trying to focus the most on the words listed above. Second was our art portion of the day. We made simple leaf headbands. All I did was cut out a few leaves out of construction paper that I had Bear color with crayons. Wolf was even involved, I cut a long strip of paper that I had him color and later used as the headband piece. It's a good thing we had our Wee Can Too crayons because this little guy is still really oral and I am so happy that I have peace of mind that these crayons are totally safe and edible. Once they were done I fitted and taped the headband together and glued the leaves. Let me just say that these were a total hit.Both the boys loved them and kept chasing each other around pointing out each others headbands. 

 I guest posted on Love Play Learn a few weeks ago about this little game  which is one of the boys favorites and today was no exception. (For full description of the game click on the link) This time I emphasized putting the leaves IN the basket and taking them OUT. Also throwing them UP and the leaves falling DOWN. This game lasted the rest of the morning and it was the first time that Wolf took an interest in all the fun. He especially liked collecting all the leaves and putting them back in the basket. 

The last picture has nothing to do with the actual game but my goodness is that brother love so sweet. My heart was swelling with love at this sight. 

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