Saturday, March 31, 2012

Week 2 Theme: Bees bzzz bzzzz

Week twos theme started off pretty spontaneous with a trip to Bush Park on Monday.We introduced the baby bumble bee song and looked at a few bumble bee pictures online. Both B and W took a liking to the song and Bear loves the extra "ouch and yucky" add ins. He will clap his hands and say "uck" which is my cue to start singing :)

Tuesday: We started this project. Our version of it at least, we skipped the masking tape and used dot art paint instead. I wanted it to be a bit more personalized and less precise being that a 21 month old was making it. 

He liked hiding the dot paint in the toilet paper tube

Wednesday: We watched a youtube video (can't find it now sorry no link) on how bumble bees drink nectar from flower to flower. I decided to make my own "nectar drinking hopscotch" outside.

I drew three flowers in sidewalk chalk and placed a sippy cup in each of them. B had to run and jump to each of them and drink from the cup when he "landed". Not sure if he totally got the concept but he had so much fun running around drinking from all his cups. 
drinking with water "nectar"

Then we counted the cups. He is really starting to understand it better. 

Thursday: We finished up our bee art project. He is becoming a big fan of gluing.
please note his yellow and black outfit to go with the theme

I didn't have wax paper for the wings so I cut some clear contact paper and stuck two pieces together to make the wings. 

The finished product. Yes I did make the face myself. Cute right?  Friday we took a break and went to a nursery and did some research about vegetable gardening. I am super excited and really scared. I am not in any way a gardener and have never really had much of an interest but I think B would love it and so many people around here claim that it's super easy and fun. So when in Rome? I might as well try, wish me luck. 

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