Thursday, March 29, 2012

baby step to a big dream

This is one of the first times E ever painted and the results were more like body paint than finger paint. But none the less it was one of my favorite memories. I have always loved art and being able to explore that with children is one of my dreams. It led me to leave my job in Portland a few years back move back to California and work as a preschool art teacher at a non profit school when I was pregnant with Bear. That was the best job I had ever had (now it comes in second to being a SAHM) I learned so much about kids and I had such an incredible time I never wanted to leave. 
Fast forward to a year later and now with two babies, a move back to Oregon, and now staying home full time I get to expose my own children to art but I there was part of me that still missed the "classroom". Kids first reactions to texture and new things and seeing their mind take off is such a special experience.
 So what do you do when working outside the home isn't really an option? You bring the classroom to you. 
I am starting a baby and toddler art group in my area and I cannot be more excited! I always dreamed of having a kids art studio and I feel like this is a great step to maybe getting there one day. In the mean time I am so thrilled to be meeting new people and being a part of some really special memories and some really messy babies. 
My website is up and running. I will be posting  the schedule to the classes soon. Check us out at

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