Thursday, March 8, 2012

The many faces of Wolf

This baby is growing so much everyday. He is full of laughs and all kinds of fun. He has recently started a little solids. We are trying baby led weaning and it seems to be going great. He is eating A LOT more than I thought he was going to when I do offer it and it really is so cool to watch him explore and eat as much as he wants. He loves his jumper and loves to be upright. And I love the fact that he and B actually interact while he's it.
He sure does love big brother. He gets so excited when B makes faces and talks to him. He is such a good sport which is great because B has not quite mastered the "gentle" touch yet. He likes going on walks but falls asleep within the first 5 minutes every time. Hats are a torture device if left on while in his car seat. And loves to be given raspberries on his tummy.
I am so amazed as to how fast he is growing and although I must admit to getting a bit sad by that I know that I have so much more to look forward to.  Thank you Mr. Wolf for being so awesome.

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