Friday, March 16, 2012

Haircut army style

Husband and I have been talking about the fact that B was in need of a first real haircut for a while (up until now I usually just trim around his ears myself) Husband mentioned he could do it himself. I thought we both had the same idea in mind, clean up the sides, maybe trim the top and call it a day. 
 Husband called B into the bathroom after his routine hair and beard trim. I grabbed the camera so excited that my little guy was going to get a his first real trim. He seemed so excited to be like his papi.
 I was in shock when his first buzz was STRAIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE OF HIS HEAD!!!!! WHATTTTTT!!!!??? This is not exactly what we had talked about. I wanted to scream but Bear was so calm and happy that I couldn't ruin it for him. He was loving this time with his dad. 
After the panic wore off I recalled husband telling me that when he was younger he would get a buzz cut every spring and how he actually liked it. (talking to my MIL she was also not to thrilled by this :)) So what do you do when you see two boys you love smiling and content and sharing a memory? You put your mommy vanity aside and you cheer your son on for doing so great during his first "spring cleaning haircut" 
It will grow. That is the mantra. 

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