Sunday, April 1, 2012

Resurrection eggs

Last week I decided to take out the out to reintroduce them to the boys. We got them last year from my MIL and Elliott really liked playing with them a bit then. It was really fun to let him explore them a year later and see how it would be different. We had finished baths and dinner early one night so I pulled them out instead of a bedtime story. I let him explore for a bit and as we were cleaning them up we read the story of each egg. I really love how these eggs really simplify the story not only for children but also for ourselves. My husband and I were both in awe once again of what Jesus really did for us and what his perfect sacrifice gives it. It was a really tender moment together as a family. 

We will be using these in the next week a bit more but I wanted to introduce them a bit earlier. 

* If you are interested in getting a set for yourself. You can get them here

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