Wednesday, March 14, 2012

puddle jumping and Keen shoes

pictures of shoes after being outside

So I mentioned yesterday that it was a stay inside kind of a day. We changed our minds and decided to test out these new shoes in the backyard. B had a blast jumping in puddles and collecting rocks to stack. Despite the fact that I was freezing we had a great time.

So now the verdict on the Keen Coronado High Top. I loved them. Here are some important factors for me.

They had to look cute. I am a sucker for Chuck Taylor Converse but they make no sense in the Pacific Northwest unless you plan on your kids having cold wet feet all the time. I think these shoes translate pretty similarly as far as being fashionable and don't look totally outdoorsy.

They had to be comfy. So far B has been wearing around the house and outside with no complaints. I like the removable insert that seems to have some extra cushion.

They had to work in rain. What better place to test that out than in Oregon. Although we did go out with full intent to puddle jump these are obviously NOT rain boots and some water did seep in though the "tongue" of his right shoe but honestly not bad. And a better option than a rain boot for us as the ones we have tried seem pretty heavy and B really couldn't move well in them. His feet besides the top of his right foot were still dry and warm.

They had to clean nicely. We really like getting our moneys worth with shoes so we would rather have a few pairs of good quality shoes that B will wear until he grows out of them. So these really needed to clean well to be able to wear for all occasions. When we first got back in the house I was really scared that I may have overestimated the "waterproof-ness" and they were doomed to be dirty looking from here on out, but I wiped them down with a damp rag and they cleaned up great. With exception to the the inside of the straps being that the inside of the shoe is canvas.

All in all I am super pleased with these shoes and seem to fit exactly what we were looking for in and indoor, outdoor toddler shoe. I would definitely recommend them. Time to get your kids outside :)

*this is NOT a sponsored post. Just my personal review*

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