Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Bear so proud that he changed Wolf's diaper

"hey wait I was playing with that!!?"

These two little boys are starting to enjoy each others company. Bear is working on "sharing" or at least not taking  little brother toys out of his hands and running off and Wolf is working on getting those knees underneath him on order to retrieve the toys that are sometimes taken away :). Wolf is totally in love with his big brother and beams when he sees him and Bear is quick to return the affection with kisses that are often not too gentle.  They also enjoy post nap time conversations with each other from their cribs and it is melts my heart to hear them laughing together. 
Oh yes the thought of  these two boys one day running around playing together is so exciting but also pretty scary. What kind of trouble will they get into together? My biggest prayer is that they will remain close and be best friends forever.

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