Monday, March 26, 2012

week 1- things mommy learned and bloopers

Not totally liking the feel of paint all over his hands. 
I mentioned in the last few post that even in a week a learned a few tips on teaching Bear. I also provided a few blooper type pictures to show a real look at what our days looked like. 
The first thing I learned was find the right time that works for both of you. Bear is a morning person and at first I thought that this was a perfect time to do school. But between breakfast, feeding Wolf and diaper changes not to mention coffee. Squeezing teaching in between was way too much. Plus in the morning he is pretty happy playing quietly by himself while I cook breakfast and take care of baby. Why mess that up?
I found that the time between his first and second nap works for us. We are all dressed and ready for the day and it's the longest span of time that he is awake. 
The next thing I learned was make sure he is fed! Even if I think "it's only 15 min then I can start lunch" WRONG!!! This boys belly needs to be full and content before anything else happens. 
Third thing is obvious but I still needed to constantly remember to be patient. This is new to both of us and we are giving ourselves a big learning curve. They won't always get it but they are not suppose to. Lessons might not go smoothly so try later or just think "better luck tomorrow" and move on. Which takes me to the last thing. This one is super important ready... Have a sense of humor and have fun. If you aren't having fun chances are neither is your little one. When things don't go as planned take time to soften your heart and look at what's happening chances are it's going to be funny with a toddler around. 
So good luck and I hope you have a blast. Below are a few photos of our laughable moments of the week.

notice the crinkles on the circles? Bear smashed them all together and ran off

during our circle counting activity he decided that looking out the window was more fun

then he moved on to dancing to the music on brothers bouncer (he never does this) HAHA!!

His lady bug wanted to bounce. Funny enough when he did this he was actually able to  follow the directions better. What ever works :)

Brother was not happy being on his tummy anymore. Pause "school" and flip him over. 

He wanted to call someone in the middle of gluing dots. What is it with kids and phones?

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