Monday, March 19, 2012

ladybugs and intimadation


I have always dreamed of being the type of mom that does lesson plans and activities with my children. Although I have been able to successfully accomplish that a few times I can't say I have been as dedicated to it as I would like.
My biggest challenges with this is that I get way too carried away with ideas and then they all feel totally unmanageable so I choke and don't do anything. Secondly I have a hard time making a structured plan and getting things ready ahead of time. So I start fumbling around gathering things  last minute which really stresses me out and lastly when things are going well I want to keep pushing instead of taking this in and resting in it. 
I was feeling a bit discouraged about this and spoke to my MIL (a preschool director for over 20+ years) and told her how maybe I don't have it in me (insert heartbreak here). She assured me that I was able to do it but just needed to take a step back and make it simple. After all B is less than two and he has a lifetime to learn and re learn these lessons and all I want to do is broaden his world a bit and feel productive as a mother so my day runs more smoothly... Well since you put it that way it doesn't sound so hard.
She broke it down even further and I was really able to feel like I could actually do this.

Here are her basic points
find a topic and objective of what you are going to teach. 
  • introduce subject
  • science
  • math 
  • art 
  • movement (pretend play, music, physical activity) 
spread these lessons one at a time throughout the week and don't make each lesson more than 15-30 min (depending on children's interest) Now these lessons might sound complex but they are really not. Math can be as simple and learning 1,2,3 (literally). Science can me helping bake and movement throw on a song and dance to it. SO SIMPLE!!!

With that said I am starting week one of this challenge with a simple lady bug curriculum (thanks MIL) that I will be introducing today. At the end of the week I will give a structured recap of what this really simple lesson plan consists of and how it worked. I am feeling so motivated and excited about this challenge. 

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