Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The many faces of Bear

We have completely moved into toddler world with this little boy. The whining one second and his giant smile the next . The constant conversation with whoever is listening. His recent obsession with all moving vehicles. Mainly Thomas the Train but really any giant moving machine will do. Trash day is pretty exciting around here. He loves birds and is exceptionally loves throwing bird seed.... well maybe it's more like some throwing then dumping it all into one big pile. Non the less he has a blast.

As far as personal milestones, he is really mastering the English language. With all the basics covered "up, eat, please, Mama, Papa, truck, outside, more and Thomas" He's got it covered. Also I think we have officially weaned him from a pacifier. It's been a few days and a very unexpected way to do it. It seem that during his nap time (when he was not napping but running around his crib like a crazy baby) he through his pacifier behind the crib... way behind like in those corners of your house that you don't always clean because to get to them would mean completely moving all your bedroom furniture. Well when I went to put him down for bedtime that night I noticed it wasn't in his crib I looked all over and looked under the crib only to find it WAY on the other end. Sheer panic struck, no pacifier, and no backup. Not to mention Wolf was already sleeping so going out was not an option. After the initial freak out by both of us. I explained that the pacifier was "all gone" and he would have to sleep without it. I rubbed his back for a while and then left the room and that was that. He still looks for it when getting into bed but I just remind him that it's not there and he seems fine. It is so strange because I anticipated it being a longer or harder ordeal but it ended being pretty easy for all of us. Which is a good thing as I wasn't really prepared for it. 

I love this little smiling face. It truly is a blessing to be able to see him grow up and learn so much each day. It makes me so happy to be his mama.

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