Tuesday, May 22, 2012

park picnic

Exploring. Getting a little  more independent each day.

On Sunday we decided to take the whole gang out grab some lunch and head to Bush Park for a little family fun. Plus a certain toddler was getting a little stir crazy being stuck in the house and needed a good run. On the way to the park husband turned into an office building parking lot. I was a little confused it seemed like a pretty horrible spot to have a picnic. But when I looked I discovered it was a tiny little park with sweet benches and even a creek running through it. Ironically it seemed perfect :) We ate and let B explore a bit. We even got to see the cutest little duck mama and her ducklings that weren't the least bit shy. B even walked behind them when they got out of the water. It was so cute.
And speaking of cute, look at that happy face from W! He was having just as much fun! He loves his papa so much.

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