Friday, May 4, 2012

Detroit Lake

We spent husbands day off on a mini family road trip. We packed up some lunch and our camping stove along with a ton of extra diapers (because you really never know how many you will actually need with these two) The fun part about this was that it was all a surprise. Husband told me what to pack but didn't tell me the exact destination. Boy was I surprised especially because I merely suggested going to the park. 
We have heard about Detroit Lake from a lot of locals as one of the more popular camping sites. And we could see why. It is so beautiful. This So Cal girl gets pretty amazed by so many trees and lush greenery everywhere. We drove around the lake and stopped at a few different places to enjoy the view but finally stopped at the main camp site next to the shore. There was some grass and a park bench and even a little climber that B could play on. It was so perfect. We ate a late lunch while W played on the grass totally content and B chased ducks. (Finally an animal that he is not scared of). We packed up and headed home while our little baby slept and our little toddler literally talked the whole way home. Impressive!

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