Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter sensory box

Easter grass, plastic eggs, pom poms

finally warmed up to the grass and is not starting to throw it everywhere... time to clean up. 

 There is so much hype on sensory bins/boxes that I finally had to try one for myself. I found this theme here (one of my favs) and I decided to give it a try being that I had some of these items already.

My first question? How do you keep it in the box? The first thing this little Bear did is dump it out. Now that I recall I have done a sensory bin with him when he was younger using corn kernel and the same thing happened. At first he wanted nothing to do with grass and just played with the eggs and pom poms. Then he warmed up to the grass he started hiding his eggs in it. ("go?" Bear talk for "where did it go?" while throwing his hands up) I even let Wolf touch the grass for about a minute before getting way to paranoid about it. He was very fond of the blue egg so he didn't mind not playing with the grass.
 My conclusion to a sensory box was that it was okay? I would probably do it again in another theme but it didn't really engage Bear for very long before he lost interest. Maybe it's just him? I cute memory non the less.

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