Saturday, April 21, 2012

backyard adventure


Yesterday while W was taking a nap B and I went outside to play. B is becoming quite the brave one and finally decided to go discover every corner of the backyard. Usually he self contains himself on the pavement alone but yesterday he decided that it was his day to explore. He wandered over to the very end of our backyard where we have a couple on giant pine trees not to mention an old stump that he attempted to climb. He fell on his face a few times and got up without despair. He played in the mud and knocked over his ride on toy making big crash sounds. I think this little boy is slowly starting to loose his fear of everything. 

For a long time I questioned myself (surprising I know) because of his apprehension towards everything!  Other parents asked me why he was so scared and all I could respond was "that's just who he is" But I knew pushing him didn't feel right. I knew in my heart the day would come when he wouldn't cling to me with every startling sound or small fall. I had to trust and appreciate all those extra hugs because  he was soon going to be a "big boy" ready to explore the world. Well I think we are slowly getting there.And although I am so excited about seeing him spread his little wings a bit more. To be honest I am a little sad to say that my baby is becoming a "big boy" a little more each day. 
It's a big step for both of us. B exploring and me allowing him to take on a few challenges without me jumping to help him. Ugghhh....It's so hard not to sometimes. 

Dear Baby Bear
May you enjoy every pile of leaves you jump in and every knee scrape that you get. I hope to teach you that this world that our Lord created is beautiful and full of adventure. Have fun.
Love mama,

P.s. If you ever need an extra hug because you've gone too far. I'll try to be only a few steps away. :) 

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