Wednesday, July 15, 2015

FIVE. and a letter to first time moms

A photo posted by Leslie (@cuteandpeculiar) on

A photo posted by Leslie (@cuteandpeculiar) on

FIVE. Mr. Bear is five years old. He's all but a grown up in his head and while we are so excited to see our little baby grow up to be a gentle, sweet, curious boy, I got to thinking of the time before all these boys. The time when I was so eager reading anything I could get my hands on about growing this little boy inside me. I so desperately wanted to do it right. I longed a little for those early days when motherhood felt like such a mystery.  While every birth there after is so special there is something so different about your first. Stepping into parenthood was just so scary and exciting. And in a way I wish I had those feelings even the fears back for a little and really soak in all those fleeting moments.

So here I am giving new parents more advice. (as if they need more unsolicited advice)

DEAR first time mom,

Never again will you loose sleep reading about proper sleep patterns for healthy brain development of babies. That crap is terrifying and who wants to mess up their babies brain based on sleep. Enjoy your weekly emails from Baby Center telling you what size your baby is  and if your like me also enjoy reading What to Expect while your Expceting, Your pregnancy week by week, and various other online resources just to see if anyone can add anymore information.(What else is happening inside me for goodness sake!) 

Soak in talking about first solids for hours. Will you do cereal (no, that crap is bad for their gut, but it may make them sleep more AH!) will you do all organic jars, make your own, baby led weaning? Seriously find a new mom that cares and this conversation will go on for a long time. While you're at it ask her about diapering. Cloth or disposables. DISCLAIMER: if they cloth diaper add at least another hour to your conversation. 

Scour the internet for cool kids books, even better if they are fun for you to read. And true story you will read to your first kid at least  1,000,000 more books than any other kid. You will also play a ton more classical music because that's what all those baby books and websites told you to do. 

You will read reviews on EVERYTHING!! Finding the right bib is hard and it's a good thing that other first time moms have taken the time to write 576 reviews on them on Amazon. Go ahead read them all, you know you want to.

While you're at it start reading some cool mom blogs. You know the ones with the super stylish kids and the mom that pops a baby out and puts her tiny jeans back on immediately after labor. You will love and hate these blogs but you will not be able to stop reading them. Especially during your 2am feedings after you've read your midnight research about how long should a baby nurse in one sitting. At the very least you will get cute outfit ideas and know all the super trendy over priced toys you can get your kids. 

This may sounds so silly and like I am teasing, but I am not. I loved that stage of motherhood so much and with every other birth you will recreate some of these things but you will find your groove with every little one. You will know your preferences, the fear of the unknown won't be so extreme. So enjoy  growing that baby, slow down and feel all those kicks, read as much as you want, document all you can. Above all know that whatever you choose this little baby will be loved and a complete gift. You will do great, I promise. 

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