Friday, May 16, 2014

art walk

^^^ lollipops, trains and running fast=the most genuine smiles I've been able to capture^^^

^^^ "Take a picture of me like this^^^

^^^"mama I can write on the wall?????!!!!!^^^^^

 ^^^^^ Lately we don't leave any place without my hands or pockets full of these.^^^^
^^^^ the 1000x we had to stop and smell the flowers, kids are really great at making you see the beauty in the small stuff ^^^^

Last week Bear and I had a date. We went to our cities art walk.... Where's the art you ask? Besides the chalk wall ( which meant nothing to a toddler besides the fact that I said yes to writing on a wall) we had little luck getting to all the locations. The art was spread out throughout various storefronts and restaurants in downtown. While not very big my navigation skills are, how do I put this... pathetic. HA! Not to mention Bear stopped at every corner planter to smell the flowers or had to pick up any rocks in our path for his "collection". Despite these minor issues we had a great time. Making sure to stop at the train depot and admire a few old engines. Bear even requested a few photos taken in the parking lot."mama take a picture of me like this".I loved his intentional poses. This boy sure knows how to make my mama heart burst. Looking for more toddler directed photo shoots and more summer events like this.

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