Monday, March 3, 2014

a day at the zoo

On one of our last days in California my in laws and brother in law all took us out to a fun day at the small local zoo. It rest inside a bigger state park where you can rent family bikes, take a small train ride and have a picnic lunch. We decided to play major tourist and do all of the above. The zoo was small and adorable, the train ride was fun. The family bike rental was.... (cracking up as I type) a memory I hope to never forget. picture this, three adults, two toddlers , semi hilly park in a big very heavy bike. As we hit the last hill before arriving at our destination we were pumping those pedals as fast as our weak legs could go up a hill (picture pathetically slow) I'm laughing in the back like a crazy hyena, my mother in law is playing coach encouraging us to keep going all while Bear is yelling "faster, faster!!! Seriously it was that funny.

This will definitely go down as a story we will keep retelling and laughing at for a while.

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