Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our first months curriculum

I finally have had enough time to sit down and actually write this out. This first month was planned out with my MIL. It's basically a customized version of Hubbard's Cupboards monthly curriculum for 2's and 3's. If you haven't been to Hubbard's Cupboard you should check it out. It has monthly themes and bible verses that correspond for the whole year and it goes up to K. It's loaded with fun ideas and a well written calender plan if you don't know where to start.

 I loved that each months theme was based on a few verses and gave me a great starting point but my MIL suggested an all encompassing theme that may continue on for a few month. For that I chose Eric Carle. I love his art and he has so many books I am sure I will be able to plug in any monthly theme and find some Eric Carle book that can correspond to it. I also knew I wanted to incorporate animals some how being that Wolf LOVES them. Just as I suspected Eric Carle has just the perfect book "Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother" tied the whole thing up with a pretty little bow.

I  made this infograph because I am more visual and if i tried to explain it all in text I am afraid I would be too wordy and lose a few of you in the process. So here is our September curriculum in a nut shell. Some things may change and get adjusted based  on the boys interest and how fast they are picking things up, but that is the great thing about homeschool, especially at this age if something isn't working try something else.

I have added a few books  that work in the backbone of the plan but I will also be reading other books and planning activities based on them. Those books will be posted in my regular post.

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