Monday, December 3, 2012

Zoo Light Rookies

Even Santa goes to Zoo Lights 

B was roaring at the dragon 

 My MIL was in town this week and we decided to all head over and meet some friends at Zoo Lights at the Oregon Zoo. We received complimentary tickets and since none of us have ever been, it felt like the perfect opportunity  We were lucky that the evening cleared up soon as we arrived and were able to enjoy ourselves without being totally soaked.

Being rookies we had no idea what this was going to be like. We were all pleasantly pleased at just how awesome Zoo Lights is. Between the animal display on the concert lawn to the giant dragon that shoots  out smoke (lights in shapes of rings) it was all amazing. But of course the thing that took the cake with my boys (if you have read this blog a little you will probably already know the answer) was the train. It was decorated with a ton of lights and takes you around the whole zoo with lit animal scenes staged all around . It was the first thing we did right when we got in to beat the lines and the toddler late night grumpies. Bear of course could have riden it all night and been perfectly happy.

Our night continiued with the older toddlers running around admiring all  the lights until they were both too tired and requesting a ride on the shoulders of both their papas. It hands down will be added to our holiday traditions.

For more info on Zoo Lights at the Oregon Zoo be sure to check there website HERE.

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