Thursday, July 26, 2012

Word of Mouth

The wait was a bit long so our hostess snuck some crackers for B. I didn't even have to ask, so awesome!

A few post ago I wrote about the boys needing time away from each other, equally as important is the fact that they get one on one time with each parent. Husband and I typically switch off who we go out with and a few weeks ago it was B's turn to go out with mama. We are very big breakfast fans so we went to a popular spot in town. Word of Mouth, we left W and papa home sleeping and I enjoyed my coffee being topped off more times then I can count. (yes please caffeine) while B enjoyed all the attention he was getting from the waitress and his monster bowl of berries. 
I know that as our family will grow these little dates will become a little more spread out so I am grateful that we have the opportunity now to spend a little alone time with them and reassure our children that they are special and important.

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