Sunday, July 1, 2012

The many faces of Bear 24 month edition

Well I am not sure if I will continue monthly recaps of B after 2. Do you count monthly milestones after 24 months? Maybe I still will :) Well my first born is officially two years old and growing so fast! His vocabulary is growing each day and it's amazing to hear him talk about things you never imagined he would know. He can identify,imitate and sign most animals, he recognizes shapes, he is even developing a sense of humor by naming things incorrectly and waiting for you to say something, It's always followed by a big laugh and  the correct name. He still loves books and if I could read to him ALL day he would be so happy. He loves trains and trucks but I think his favorite is a toss up between monster trucks (insert big crash sounds) and dump trucks (insect big crash sound) ! He is starting to become more and more fond of baby brother and I have even caught him "teaching" him to speak. He will get down in front of W and repeat words like "mama" and "papa" and will squeal with  joy if W chimes in. He is still gentle spirited and loving and still papi's biggest cheerleader when he comes home from work. 
There is a strange feeling of still seeing so much of his baby personality and feeling like he is still so little and looking back at pictures wondering where that baby is. I guess he still is and will always be our baby no matter how old he gets. The biggest prayer is being present and finding joy in each stage of  our boys lives.

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