Saturday, July 7, 2012

Something's Gone Wrong Again

Yup! This is how my day is playing out. Extra sad being that I went to bed super early to be able to fully conquer the world today.

B woke up on the wrong side of the bed. W wants everything B has which has resulted in a few kicks, screams, and  tears from both parties. I attempted the old distraction technique and decided to take the boys to the park and have them play in the splash pad. I noticed I left the double stroller in the car. "okay, stay positive! I will use the single stroller and the ergo" After bathing suits were put on and sunblock applied I was already exhausted. But we pressed on. Turns out B hated the splash pad and wanted nothing to do with it. We played at the park for a while and once I thought they had gotten a little energy out we headed back home. WRONG! They picked up right where they left off as soon as we got through the door.

They are now in bed taking a nap as I am drinking a soda (I rarely drink soda) and attempting to drown my sorrows  with caffeine and pinterest.

That's the thing about life you can never just plan for it to go the way you planned. Attempting to have a sense of humor and knowing that regardless of how tough some days are God will always be with me is what gets me through it. I am off to pray, gather my thoughts and energy in hopes that the next part of our day can be a bit better. If not there is always tomorrow.

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