Monday, July 2, 2012

The many faces of Wolf 10 month edition

Our little W has officially gotten in the double digit months already. I can't believe it! He is growing so fast I feel like I can't keep up. 
For one he has completely mastered crawling on all fours and it comes in handy when he tries to chase us around the house. After many bumps and bruises he is totally able to stand up on anything and is able to cruise on it. He is even attempting to let go although the result is always scary. But he is a tough kid and shakes it off and keep going. 
It took him a while to get use to solids but now he cannot get enough. He loves food!!!!! As you can see  in the picture of him with food stuck on his face. He is starting to take a liking to books and now he   enjoys story time with B and I. He experienced playdough for the first time as well as balloons.
He is starting to have separation anxiety if I leave the room  but is also becoming very comfortable with papi. As you can imagine husband is soaking it all up.
Sleeping has been a bit tough but we are slowly improving and I am sometimes getting a few hours of sleep in a row. Crossing my fingers that in the next few months that gets better but in the meantime I am trying to enjoy all the wonderfully sweet smiles this boy gives even if they are at 3am. 

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