Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Being a brother

Sometimes being a brother is hard work (as explained by Bear and Wolf). You have to share your toys, and sometimes that doesn't work so well and one of us will end up in tears. 

Sometimes little brothers heads weight more than the rest of their bodies and they are trying to master walking. And since neither of us know anything about personal space I (Bear)  end up being head butted at least a few times a day. 

Sometimes older brothers don't like sharing and little brothers gets knocked on their bottoms before mama can come to my rescue. 

Sometimes we need a break from each other. To take a breather and refocus ourselves.

And maybe after all that. We remember that we are still brothers who love each other. 

Yesterday these boys needed a serious break from each other. It seems like all the day was, was wiping tears, redirecting the other and just plain ol' damage control. Half way through the day something had to change. Husband took B out for a papa date while I stayed home and had some one on one time with W. Well it seemed to work because today they were best friends all over again. So much so that they stayed up all day and chatted and laughed all through what was suppose to be their nap time. Somehow being on the same team turned on me because this mama is exhausted. Let's hope friendships and nap times will all go back to normal tomorrow.

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